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Monsod accuses Duterte of cooking deal with Big Business: Economy to replace social justice ideals in new Charter


Constitutional expert Christian Monsod claimed that President Rodrigo Duterte was hellbent on changing the 1987 Constitution after striking a deal with Big Business.

Monsod claimed that Duterte has agreed to sacrifice the tenets of the 1987 Constitution, which Monsod helped to frame, in favor of pro-big business principles such as opening up foreign investments in the country.

“I think the government has made a deal with the business community that the central theme of the Constitution will be economic growth,” said Monsod in an interview with DZMM’s Ted Failon.

Monsod said that the social justice and human rights provisions, embodied in Article 13 of the Constitution, would be watered down as part of “ordinary legislation” subject to the whims and caprices of politikos.

“Social justice provisions, agrarian reform, urban land reform, ancestral domain, ibababa sa parliament, wala na sa principle of Constitution ang distribution of land, justice and social service functions. Lahat na yan, sa parliament ibibigay. Sa regional parliaments maaring mawala lahat yan. It’s just ordinary legislation and not constitutional mandate anymore,” said Monsod.