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Mr. Manyak! Senator’s brother gets into hot water for sexually harassing flight attendant

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A senator’s brother (SB) is facing a sexual harassment complaint at an upscale golf club in for allegedly making unwanted advances towards a flight attendant (FA).

Abante columnist Deo Macalma said SB supposedly harassed FA at a golf club located in Southern Metro Manila where he usually hangs out.

FA, a widow, was so enraged by SB’s actions that she filed a formal complaint against him with the management.

After word of FA’s complaint leaked out, Macalma said a number of women have also come out with their own accounts of being victimized by SB.

“Ayon sa aking bubwit, kabilang sa biglang nagsalita tungkol sa inabot nyang kahalayan sa golfer ay ang golf club nurse na dinakma umano nito sa ari at isang waitress sa club restaurant na biniktima rin umano ni golfer ng malalaswang kilos at salita,” he said.

SB, however, seems to wield tremendous power at the golf course that he received nothing more than a reprimand for his alleged sexual advances rowards FA.

Who’s the alleged sexual harasser on the loose? Macalma said SB has a “T” in his name.

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