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Mukhang makapal! Lacson delivers epic burn on Liza Diño’s use of face mask in meeting


Senator Panfilo Lacson didn’t hold back on criticizing Film Development Council of the Philippines chairperson Liza Diño after she was snapped with a face mask on in an official meeting.

Lacson on July 3 told a netizen on Twitter that Diño appeared to be “multimasking” in the photos.

“Baka multimasking din. Mukhang makapal,” he said.

Diño appeared to be proud of wearing the face mask during the meeting since she posted about it on Facebook.

In one of the photos, she said she was “multitasking” by taking care of her face while at work.

Netizen @MiaMagdalena, whose tweet Lacson replied to, found the act tasteless.

“Ganito magpameeting si madam. She says it’s multitasking. I call it unprofessional,” she said.