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Mutiny pa more! Duterte tells PMA grads to act if they think the country is being ran like hell

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President Rodrigo Duterte virtually called on his Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to launch a coup d’etat if they believe that the sitting president is leading the country towards the road to perdition.

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“Serve your country well. Die for your country if it needs be. Remember the young Filipinos yet to come, the children and those who are now studying. Huwag mong kalimutan ninyo ‘yan,” said Duterte in his speech at the graduation ceremonies of the PMA class of 2019 in Baguio City Sundya, May 26.

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“And if you think that the country is not run the way it is and if it will destroy your country, you should know what to do. Do you understand me? [Cadets: Yes, sir!] Good,” he added.

Duterte has repeatedly stated that he would not think twice about relinquishing his stay in power if the military top brass believed do not agree with the way he ran the country.

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Duterte said he would give up his power over a cup of coffee to the military rather than engage in a bloodbath pitting soldiers against each other just to remain in power.

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