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My Amnesia Girl: De Lima forgot she signed BI order banning meddling foreigners

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Senator Leila De Lima appears to have forgotten the ban she imposed on foreigners who want to take part in rallies in the Philippines amid the controversy surrounding the arrest of Australian nun Patricia Fox.

In July 2015, the Bureau of Immigration issued Operations Order no. SBM-2015-025 banning foreign tourists from engaging in political activities in the Philippines.

The BI said foreign tourists in the Philippines “are not entitled to all of the rights and privileges granted to the citizens of the Philippines, specifically the exercise of political rights which are inherently exclusive to Filipino citizens.”

Under the order, foreign tourists are banned from taking part in rallies, assemblies or gathering, whether for or aganist the government.

Those who violate the order will be subject to deportation.

The BI order was signed by then-Immigration Commissioner Siegfried Mison and approved by De Lima.

Following Fox’s arrest on April 16, De Lima chided President Rodrigo Duterte for being “desperate in silencing dissenters.”

“Duterte spares no one. Challenge his policies and he will do his best to destroy you and silence you,” she said in a dispatch sent from her detention cell in Camp Crame.

Fox was arrested for allegedly taking part in rallies and other political activities while she is in the Philippines.

Duterte admitted he ordered Fox’s arrest but took responsibility for her arrest.