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My lips are sealed: Calida mum on role in voiding Trillanes’ amnesty


Solicitor General Jose Calida won’t say a thing about accusations as the being the one behind the nullification of the amnesty of Senator Trillanes IV.

“I’m invoking my privileged communication between client and counsel because I am the lawyer for the republic,” he told reporters.

Despite this, Calida assured that he is ready to defend before the Supreme Court (SC) should Trillanes question Proclamtion 572.

The proclamation which was published in a newspaper on Tuesday (Sept. 4) declared that President Rodrigo Duterte has voided the amnesty given to Trillanes.

Trillanes was granted amnesty back in 2011 over charges he is facing before in connection with his involvement in the Oakwood mutiny and the Manila Peninsula siege.

The senator claim that Calida is behind the proclamation since the Solicitor General wanted to stop Trillanes from conducting the Senate inquiry over the government contracts secured by the Calida family’s security firm.

It can be recalled that Calida had already asked the Supreme Court (SC) to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the Senate inquiry.