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‘My one and only movie:’ Ejercito becomes the ‘Incredible Hulk’

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Former Senator JV Ejercito has been bitten by the deep fake face-swapping app.

Ejercito became the Incredible Hulk in a short video clip after using the popular Reface app. Amused by the latest technology, he posted the movie clip swapping his face with actor Mark Ruffalo in several Hulk scenes in the Avengers film.

The cool Reface app allows a person to replace the face of celebrities, movie scenes and other content for fun.

“The new Avengers movie coming up with yours truly as one of the casts!” Ejercito captioned his Hulk debut on Instagram.

“Bagay pala ako mag Hulk?” he said.

Ejercito’s Hulk video carried the background song “Hulk Smash” by Nerdout. It has earned more than 5 views on his Twitter feed and an additional 1,500 views on Instagram.

“Please support my one and only movie!” the former senator tweeted.

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