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‘Di nakatiis! Duterte walks out of Cabinet meeting over DAR’s slowness

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By Prince Golez

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday again expressed his dismay with the slow process in land use conversion.

“Yun naman sa conversion, it took them about two years… That two years include verily corruption. Pabalik-balik ‘yung tao. And, there is no end to it and the bleeding of the pocket of the guy and the… Not only the reputation but government suffers for it also,” Duterte said.

The President made the statement before the oath-taking of newly appointed officials of various government agencies in Malacanang Palace.

Immensely disappointed with the red tape in the government, Duterte said he had to excuse himself during Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting.

“One time, they were presenting something like a way to expedite… Kung ganyan ang red tape, or black tape… Nung they started to… pinutol ko sila. Sinabi ko, this I would not like to be part of this briefing because this will not happen during my time so why would I waste my time listening to this when it would take about two presidents to finish, kaya lumabas ako,” according to him.

“This is not really something to dwell lengthily, pero this system itself is designed to experience a failed government,” he added.

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