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Naging sundalo pa? Duterte can’t believe Trillanes survived PMA with low IQ


President Rodrigo Duterte took a potshot at his critics anew after an opposition lawmaker hinted that his upcoming trip to Israel has something to do with a serious illness.

In an interview Monday (August 27), Duterte said critics like Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano “always say the worst.”

“People, kagaya nila, judge best when they condemn. And they have nothing to show for their time there except to blabber their mouth.”

To illustrate his point, Duterte said he was surprised that abogado Ely Pamatong graduated from the University of the Philippines.

Pamatong, who was declared a nuisance presidential candidate thrice, filed a quo warranto petition against Duterte.

“With the highest standards sa Pilipinas in an educational institution, you’d be surpised Pamatong is a lawyer from UP,” he said.

Duterte said it was also surprising that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, Alejano’s colleague in the Magdalo party-list, graduated from the Philippine Military Academy.

“And for Trillanes to survive PMA given his character, his mouth and his low IQ,” he said.

Trillanes used to be a member of the Philippine Navy and was involved in the 2003 Oakwood mutiny and the 2007 Manila Peninsula siege.