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Special Envoy to China Mon Tulfo believes Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar should resign after President Rodrigo Duterte railed about the corruption in the agency.

In his October 25 column for the Manila Times, Tulfo said Duterte’s rant was a “double whammy” for Villar.

“Well, if the public works and highways chief is too young to know the nuances of Digong’s language, he should be told that the Big Boss didn’t want to publicly humiliate him out of a sense of gratitude to his parents,” he said.

“Villar’s parents — former senator Manny Villar, considered to be the richest man in the country, and his mother, an incumbent senator — contributed a huge amount to the then presidential candidate Duterte’s campaign chest,” Tulfo added.

Duterte’s long time friend said the President was only “mimicking, albeit mockingly” what a senator mentioned a long time ago when he said Villar “does not need to steal.”

“Yes, ma’am, rich people don’t steal a pittance; they go for the big bucks,” Tulfo said.

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