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Nahimasmasan? Duterte visits INC headquarters after accusing powerful member of corruption


President Rodrigo Duterte has paid a visit to the headquarters of Iglesia ni Cristo in Quezon City Wednesday (November 29), a day after he dragged the name of one of its influential members in corruption.

Duterte went to Iglesia Ni Cristo’s Central Temple before going to Pangasinan for the send off of some Vietnamese fishermen.

While Malacañang has yet to release details of the President’s visit, it came at the heels of his outburst against Manny Cuevas at an anti-corruption forum Tuesday (November 28).

In his speech, Duterte called Cuevas a “player” who received kickbacks from rigging government contracts.

“Here comes the offer of this guy. Naglalaro ito. Cuevas is the name. Naglalaro ito… P***** i**, pati sa Malacañan. Sabihin niya, ‘Akong bahala. Okay, you need how much? Eight million? I’ll give you 10 million,'” he said.

“Kausapin niya doon. And it will be released. Sabihin niya, ‘Isauli mo sa akin ang dos.’ No outside intervention,” he added.

Cuevas, whose brother, Serafin, is a renowned defense lawyer, was reported in 2012 to have been one of four emissaries sent by the Iglesia ni Cristo to senators to lobby for the acquittal of then-Chief Justice Renato Corona in the impeachment trial.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer said Cuevas and a certaian Victor Cheng asked several senators for a meeting to plead for Corona’s case but were turned down.

Iglesia ni Cristo endorsed Duterte’s candidacy in 2016.

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