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Nakapasa ba talaga? Trillanes wants to check Duterte’s Bar Exam results


By Xave Gregorio

Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV cast doubt on whether President Rodrigo Duterte actually passed the Bar Exams or if his father just got his results fixed.

This was what Trillanes said after being asked to comment on Duterte saying that he has the prerogative to void amnesty grants.

“Wala po sa Constitution ‘yan. Ang meron po sa Constitution, pag-grant. Kaya nga sabi ko, alam mo no, this guy is amazingly stupid,” Trillanes said Friday (September 8) in a media briefing.

Article VII, Section 19 of the Constitution states that the president can grant amnesty, with the concurrence of Congress. However, the Constitution does not state that the president can void or revoke amnesties.

“Sorry pasensiya na sa San Beda College of Law, but I’m not impressed with your product, with this President Duterte. And ako talaga, someday, papahanap natin ‘yung resulta ng exam niyan. Baka talagang nilakad lang ‘yan,” Trillanes said.

Duterte has said that he was not the brightest student while at San Beda.

He almost failed to take the Bar Exams if priests at San Beda did not pardon him for shooting a fellow student. He was barred from attending graduation rites over the incident.

The list of abogados from the Supreme Court shows that Duterte was admitted to the Bar on June 20, 1973 and has the roll number 24488.

But Trillanes suspects that Duterte’s father, the late Davao Governor Vicente Duterte, only pulled strings to allow the President to pass the Bar.

“He doesn’t act like he knows the law. He flouts the law at every turn,” he said.