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Nakikita naman siya sa TV! SC says Duterte need not disclose state of his health

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Since President Rodrigo Duterte has been holding cabinet meetings and regularly appearing in television, the Supreme Court (SC) believes there is no need for him to disclose his state of health.

With this, the SC voted 13-2 to dismiss the petition of lawyer Dino De Leon who sought to have Duterte reveal his state of health.

“Apparently, petitioner’s allegation that the President is seriously ill is unsubstantiated and is based merely on petitioner’s surmises and conjectures regarding his perception of the declining health of the President,” read the resolution of the SC.

The high tribunal pointed out the claims of the petitioner are “merely based on what he perceived from the online news articles discussing the President’s illnesses” which the SC considers as “hearsay evidence, twice removed, and are thus without any probative value, unless offered for a purpose other than proving the truth of the matter asserted.”

“The Court also deems it proper to emphasize that in the recent months, the President has been visibly holding regular cabinet meetings, belying petitioner’s insinuation that the President is suffering from serious illness,” the SC said.

“Further, the President’s regular televised addresses to the nation as regards the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic show that the President has been actively performing his official duties,” it added.

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