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Nalusutan ang PNP! Secret Service foils ISIS plan to assassinate Trump in Manila


ISIS tried to assassinate United States President Donald Trump when he was in Manila last year for the 30th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Leaders’ Summit, the Secret Service has revealed.

Details of the plan to kill Trump right under President Rodrigo Duterte’s nose were bared in the “United States Secret Service: On the Front Line,” a two-hour special airing on the National Geographic Channel Sunday night.

A synopsis of the documentary was posted by the website The Daily Beast.

Unknown to the public, the Secret Service raised the threat level against Trump to critical in the days leading to his visit to Manila in November 2017 because of the series of threats that agents intercepted from ISIS and ISIS-affiliated groups.

Special Agent Audrey Gibson, who was assigned to the Secret Service’s Protective Intelligence and Assessment Division (PID) came across a tweet against Trump which read, “Gonna be in Manila the same time as Trump… I’ll take one for the team lads.” The statement was accompanied by a mugshot of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated former US President John F. Kennedy.

The suspect’s Instagram account also showed him holding the book, “How to Kill: The Definitive History of the Assassin.”

PID agents found that the man was indeed in Manila, just a few kilometers away from Trump’s hotel, based on his IP address. He also appeared to be traveling in the direction of the US President’s hotel, based on his social media posts.

Twenty minutes before Trump landed obpard Air Force One, Secret Service agents were still clueless where the ISIS operative was.

Soon enough, however, they tracked the suspect to the Luneta Hotel, which was only a mile away from the hotel where Trump would be billetted.

The Secret Service informed the Philippine National Police about the ISIS operative’s location afterwards. The cops then rushed to the Luneta Hotel, where they apprehended the suspect and the “associate” he was with.