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Name game na! Pacquiao proposes PH naming Benham Rise features too


Senator Manny Pacquiao has a simple solution to the issue of the Chinese naming five undersea features in the Benham Rise — the Phlippines should ​come up with its own version too.

“Dapat meron din tayo. Basta sa atin naman ‘yun eh. Kung ano ipangalan nila, hindi natin i-honor ‘yun. Basta sa atin. Pero pag sa kanila, bahala sila magpangalan. Pag sa atin naman tapos pangalanan nila pangit naman,” he said​ in a media interview.​

“Tayo pa rin ang masusunod,” he ​added.

The matter of China giving Chinese names such as Jinghao, Tianbao, Haidonquing, Cuiquao, and Jujui Seamounts in the Philippine Rise undersea geological province need not be recognized insofar as the country is concerned, Pacquiao said.

“Sa kanila ‘yun (yung names) pero hindi natin yun. Yung pangalan na tayo naglagay, yun ang pangalan ng island na yun,” the senator said.