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In the name of love: Celebrity shells out money to see Politiko Beau often


Charming Politiko (CP) and Popular Celebrity (PC) are proving no challenge is difficult for determined couples to overcome.

CP and PC have managed to stay together through the years despite the intrigues surrounding them individually.

In a bid to take some heat off their relationship, CP ventured into a field different from where he and PC met.

But their love for each other endured.

Ever supportive of CP, PC has been shelling out money from his own pocket to help his beau in his endeavors.

PC has been funding a pet project of CP, one which involves the youth.

Aside from allowing CP to score brownie points with his constituents through the project, the arrangement allows PC to see his significant other on a regular basis under the guise of discussing certain official matters.

Despite being known personalities, it is perhaps CP and PC’s hope their meetings won’t raise eyebrows since they’re talking about business.

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