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Nancy Binay mistaken for a maid by politiko. Here’s how she reacted


A mayor ended up red-faced after he ordered Nancy Binay around in her parents’ own home, thinking she was their maid.

In his column, entertainment writer Jobert Sucaldito shared that the mayor, who was a visitor to the Binays’ abode, thought the senator was a maid because she wore simple clothes– just shorts and t-shirt.

At the dining table, the mayor asked Binay if she could serve him food like the other guests. “inday, pahingi na rin ng pagkain.”

The senator did not raise a howl and instead got food from the kitchen to serve to the mayor.

It was while she was away that fellow guest told the mayor that the person whom he ordered around was none other than the Vice President Jejomar Binay’s daughter.

When Binay arrived with the mayor’s food, the erring politiko was profuse in his apology. “So sorry po, Sen. Nancy. Hindi ko po alam na kayo pala iyon. Sorry po talaga,” the mayor said.

Since Sucaldito only got the information from a source, he called up Binay to confirm the story.

The lady senator laughed as she confirmed the incident. “Totoo ‘yon. Hiyang-hiya nga si mayor sa nangyari pero I told him he has nothing to worry about dahil ganoon talaga ako sa bahay. Kaming magkakapatid ay utusan ng tatay at namin,” she said.

“Pag sinabi ng tatay kong ipagtimpla ko siya ng kape o dalhan ng tubig, sinusunod ko agad. Hindi kasi ako nakaayos nung araw na yon–naka shorts lang ako at t-shirt! Hahaha!” she added.

That the senator is used to catering to her father’s whims isn’t surprising considering she served as his personal assistant prior to being elected as a lawmaker.

It’s just surprising that other politikos–ostensibly her father’s allies– don”‘t recognize her as a senator.

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