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Nancy Binay’s tip vs fake news: Basa-basa din pag may time

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Senator Nancy Binay has encouraged the public to take time to read news and other information to avoid falling for false news online.

BInay, in her latest social media tip, said people should consider reading beyond the title or photo caption to verify and get the whole story. By reading the entire infomation, people could avoid jumping to conclusions or taking the message out of context.

“Mahirap man aminin, pero madalas ay tinatamad na tayong magbasa. 🤧😪 Sa totoo lang, we don’t actually take time to read. 🤯 Wala tayong time magbabad at basahin ang mga balitang totoo: news and stories that matter. 📜,” she wrote on Facebook.

“More often than not, we are easily drawn into sensationalized news and information that catch our interests. Ang siste, madali tayong mahulog sa patibong ng fake news na inaakala nating balitang totoo. 🤭” she said.

“Given the barrage of information coming from news feeds, videos, tweets, messages and posts, we have become less willing to invest time in reading. We are only interested in the title and the first paragraph, or the odd things we see in pictures. Di na tayo magbe-verify o magdo-double check. 🧠❓Simple lang po ang punto: Let’s not jump to conclusions lest we take the message out of context. 🤗👩🏽‍🏫📚 Basa-basa din po ‘pag may time. ☻” she said.