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Narcissist: Duterte can’t say he loves his country when he kills Filipinos, gives away territory to Chinese- Trillanes


Senator Antonio Trillanes is puzzled on how President Rodrigo Duterte can declare his love for the Philippines if he is killing Filipinos and giving away its territory to China without a fight.

Duterte called Duterte a “narcissist” who believed that he could write history according to his plan.

“I am questioning his love of country not only because of what’s happening in the West Philippine Sea but because of what’s happening inside our country when he is killing helpless Filipinos. So there’s no love for the country or any matter he just loves himself,” said Duterte in a TV interview.

Trillanes said he was not surprised Duterte publicly declared somebody would eventually shoot him because he was one of the few who has consistently pointed out to his abuses and bad behavior.

“He believes my standing to him destroys his narrative because he wants to project himself as a powerful tyrant. But if somebody like Trillanes keeps on exposing him or standing and talk to him, it makes him look weak and powerless because, well to be honest, that is who he really is,” he said.

Trillanes said Duterte was particularly peeved about his continued efforts to unmask his brutal dug war as a farce, including his expose linking presidential son Paolo duterte to the illigit drug trade.

“Apparently, this guy (Duterte) has been closely monitoring my statements and lately, I exposed him that it’s Duterte and his son Paolo who are actually the ones bringing in the drugs into the country. So this whole war on drugs is a charade, it’s a fraud. He can’t take that because he has exerted so much effort in trying to deceive the public then here comes this man who is exposing him for the truth,” said Trillanes.

But Trillanes reiterated he won’t back down from Duterte’s threat.

“I’m a fatalist. While I’m not complacent with my safety and security but I’m not going to be paranoid like him. Believe me Duterte is a very paranoid man and again I reiterate the assurance I gave him: Give that order and I assure you it will lead to your end,” he said.

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