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Nauto sa regalo! Word on Qatar Emir’s Rolex ‘gift’ sends gov’t execs crazy


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Two high-ranking government officials (GO) who joined President Rodrigo Duterte in his recent trip to the Middle East nearly fell off their seats after word reached them that Qatar’s highest official, Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Al Thani, wanted to give each of them a Rolex watch as a present.

Not wanting to pass up the chance to get such an expensive gift, GO1 and GO2 tirelessly went around the upscale hotel they were billeted in and the venues which were part of Duterte’s itinerary in Qatar to look for the Emir’s assistant, who supposedly has the Rolex watches.

It never crossed GO1 and GO2’s mind that the rumor on the Emir’s pricey present may be false because he has a lot of money anyways.

In fact, it was the Emir who shouldered the accommodation of Duterte, his entourage, and even the members of the Philippine media who flew with the President to Qatar.

If the Emir can be that rich to book hundreds of people a room in the posh Four Seasons Hotel and Hilton Hotel Doha, he surely has the money to buy Rolexes for anyone he likes.

Imagine GO1 and GO2’s dismay– not to mention embarrassment– when they failed to find the Emir’s associate for his supposedly pricey gift.

What GO1 and GO2 got was a workout of sorts after they went in circles looking for the Emir’s associate– only to end up empty handed.

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