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Need help from Duterte? Just call GMA or her girl Friday Medy Poblador


Can’t get through Malacanang’s hotline or special assistant Bong Go is busy campaigning? President Rodrigo Duterte has given other options for desperate people seeking his help.

In a speech in Pampanga, Duterte said those who wanted to have an appointment with him can try contacting his former boss, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her girl Friday, Medy Poblador, for direct access.

“Mag-katok ka ng Malacañang, either kay Medy Poblador ‘yan, ‘yan. Para ‘yan siyang may-ari ng Malacañan noon sa panahon ni ma’am. Or you can go to President Arroyo,” said Duterte (Arroyo was among the VIPs in the Clark event).

“And she can always call me … I used to work for the President eh. So sabi ko — sabi ko sa kanya: ‘Ma’am, kung meron ka…’

Tawagan lang niya ako’,” he said.

Duterte said Arroyo could tell him: “Rody, you entertain these guys. What’s your…? Just give me the number and my assistants will take note of it and will call you and say, ‘You have an appointment with Duterte’,” he added.

Duterte has set up the Presidential Complaint Center (PCC) with an 8888 hotline in his office to deal with complaints on corruption, rude behavior of employees and delayed government services. Go has all of Duterte’s phones and is sole gatekeeper of his calls and appointments.