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Noli De Castro trended on Twitter Wednesday (March 18) over his sarcastic remark concerning Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto, which netizens aren’t taking sitting down.

Wednesday’s episode of TV Patrol featured Sotto’s appeal to the national government to allow tricycles to operate to bring healthcare workers and other employees exempted from the Luzon-wide expanded community quarantine to their workplaces.

Sotto said he would not be making the appeal if there were a decent transport system in place for frontliners.

“Kami po sinusubukan namin ang lahat…pero kulang pa rin po talaga sa ngayon. Nakikiusap po ako sa ating nasyonal na pamahalaan, baka naman po pwedeng bigyan ng konsiderasyon ‘yung mga tricycle,” he said.

Unimpressed by Sotto’s appeal, De Castro remarked: “Baka hindi niya alam na bawal ang public transpo.”

Netizens were quick to bash De Castro for putting Sotto down, which made the ABS-CBN broadcaster the ninth trending Twitter topic in the Philippines as of Wednesday night.

“Noli de Castro, ikaw, kailan ka ba magkakaroon ng #ambag? Nag VP ka pa sa lagay na yan pero sobrang detached mo sa realidad ng bansang ‘to. Ang lala mo. Noon at ngayon ang #ambag mo lang ay manakot ng mga bata dahil sa Halloween Special ng Magandang Gabi Bayan!” said @veryvalderrama.

Twitter user @jordans_magic said: “Dear Noli de Castro, STOP PAINTING Vico Sotto in a bad light just because he’s asking permission to have tricycles operate in Pasig. May I remind you that you were involved in a corruption scandal with HLURB during your term as VP.”

Netizen @kipoebanda said: “Noli de Castro’s analysis is too simplistic: ‘National government says bawal, therefore that’s right.’ Vico Sotto is on the ground in Pasig. He knows what people need. Kabayan has wrong priorities. It’s not just about the letter of the rules. It’s about saving people!”

Twitter user @DeusXMachina14 said: “Noli De Castro-three years as Senator, Six years as Vice President-Zero accomplishment Mayor Vico Sotto- less than a year as Pasig Mayor- a mountain of accomplishments.”

Netizen @DinCuenca tweeted: “hahaha noli de castro telling vico sotto what to do????? what did you do when you were in the position????”

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