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Netizens hit NYC chair over proposal for separate boy, girl classes: May classroom shortage na nga paghihiwalayin pa?

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Netizens are in disbelief over the proposal of National Youth Commission (NYC) chairperson Ryan Enriquez to have separate sections for boys and girls in school to avoid teenage pregnancies.

In a television interview, Enriquez said male and female students from Grades 7 to 12 should be put in separate classes to minimize their chances of being with each other. He said frequent interactions with the opposite sex could lead to a girl becoming pregnant early.

Human rights activist Frank Baraan IV said what teenagers need is proper sex education, not segregation.

“NYC Chair Ryan Enriquez proposes classroom segregation for girls & boys, to prevent sex. What teens need is an honest & unapologetic dialogue on sex—SEX EDUCATION & the ramifications of having sex early: STDs, teen pregnancy, & single parenthood—not this unpragmatic poppycock,” he tweeted.

Netizen @AngryPosseDon said Enriquez’s plan would be a challenge to implement considering the shortage of classrooms in public schools nationwide.

“Perhaps NYC Enriquez have no idea that as of late, @DepEd_PH have classroom shortages. Research muna kc wag tanga!” he said.

Twitter user @dixterrific is questioning Enriquez’s intelligence because of his suggestion.

“Jusko NYC Chair Ryan Enriquez. Bobo ka ba o bobo talaga?” he asked.

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