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Network wars: ABS-CBN boosts old post on Chavit Singson’s lion kill as franchise stays in limbo

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ABS-CBN is mounting a cyber offensive against Narvacan, Ilocos Sur Mayor-elect Luis “Chavit” Singson amid the ongoing uncertainty about the renewal of its franchise.

Singson’s killing of a lion during a hunting trip in South Africa in 2013 has been making the rounds online this week because of ABS-CBN.

The Kapamilya network tweeted on Wednesday (June 19) a link to the article titled, “Chavit Singson kills lion on birthday.” It was originally posted on November 21, 2013.

The ABS-CBN’s resurrection of the article appears to be linked to Singson’s interest in the channel, IBC-13.

Politiko learned that Singson wants to turn IBC-13 into a multimedia broadcasting company.

He’s been conducting due diligence on the network’s assets as part of his plan to control it.

ABS-CBN, meanwhile, is reportedly eyeing IBC-13 as an alternative channel if its franchise isn’t renewed by the incoming 18th Congress.

The Kapamilya network’s franchise will expire on March 20, 2020.

With the possibility of IBC-13 ending up in Singson’s control, ABS-CBN needs to set its sights further for other options in case the 18th Congress— which will be dominated by President Rodrigo Duterte’s allies— does not act on any move to renew the network’s franchise.

Perhaps the network hopes boosting an old post about Singson’s lion kill will dampen his chances of taking over IBC-13.

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