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New Christmas gift! Duterte stays healthy and alert with hydrogen water

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President Duterte has a new hydrogen water device!

The President got an early Christmas gift from Dr. Aivee Teo after he lost his first bottle. With the new device, Duterte will be sipping the benefits of good old water super infused with hydrogen.

“What an honor to to be able give PRRD a simple personalized gift that he truly needs & appreciates🙏 My heart is full & kilig💕💕.. We love you too Mr President🙏💕💯 He was using it for a year but lost his bottle.. 😢Glad to know that he really loves his @aiveewater bottle & it is something he really finds helpful to keep him more alert, healthy & happy💦♥️ Cheers Mr President🤗👊🇵🇭 Merry Christmas 🎄 😍,” she said.

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