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‘Ninja cop’ Baloyo insists on dismissal of raps

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Police Major Rodney Baloyo IV said the suspected Chinese drug trader Ding Wenkun should have been presented as witness against him the criminal complaint against him concerning the anomalous 2013 drug sting in Mexico, Pampanga.

Since Ding Wenkun wasn’t presented as witness, Baloyo asked in his rejoinder that the Department of Justice (DOJ) special panel of prosecutors dismiss the complaint of the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG).

The case stemmed from the 2013 illegal drugs operations in Mexico, Pampanga led by Baloyo and, during which, the policemen involved had allegedly kept 160 kilos of shabu as well as took P50 million and a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in exchange for the release of alleged foreign drug lord Johnson Lee.

The PNP-CIDG alleged that “herein respondents, instead of filing a complaint against Johnson Lee, filed a complaint against Ding Wenkun, whom they violently and illegally took to replace Johnson Lee, and thereafter planted evidence against Wenkun and charged him.”

“The truth of the matter could have been laid to rest by the simple expedient of presenting Ding Wenkun as a witness himself, but the PNP-CIDG, for inexplicable and unjustifiable reasons, has consistently failed to present him before the Department of Justice ever since the inception of this criminal complaint, or since way back in the year 2014,” Baloyo stated in his rejoinder.

Instead, Baloyo said the PNP-CIDG “tries to pass off the sworn statement of Neil Gernace as a substitute witness.”

Baloyo pointed out that Gernace only testified he witnessed Wenkun taking a testimony at the Pampanga Provincial Jail in the Chinese language which was only translated by an interpreter.

“Not only is this double hearsay evidence which cannot be the basis of any finding of probable cause, the credibility and reliability of the supposed translation could not be authenticated nor corroborated by Gernace or the Notary Public himself,” he stressed.

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