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By Prince Golez

There is no public clamor for revolutionary form of government, according to Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo.

Panelo was reacting to calls from a group supporting President Rodrigo Duterte for a revolutionary government that would allow for a faster shift to a federal system.

“It is an idea which is pregnant with repercussion, not the least whether or nor the forces of society are ready for it. If it is a workable concept, it may be late in the day,” Panelo said in a statement Sunday.

“Moreover, the call of a revolutionary government must come from the people and not from a single organization or an individual. It must be an overwhelming call, and there is no present perceptible people’s clamor for such,” according to him.

While the President had previously threatened to declare revolutionary war to stop people ousting him, Panelo said Duterte was “quick to qualify it as only if all others means constitutionally allowed to effect a radical change in the social, political and economic structure fail.”

The President, he added, has succeeded in effecting the necessary changes in the country despite steadfast opposition.

Meanwhile, Panelo asserted that the possibility of a Duterte-led revolutionary government is a “titillating idea” purely for academic discourse.

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