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No to hate, anger: Robredo urges cable TV firms to educate viewers on human rights, equality

Vice President Leni Robredo on Thursday urged cable television providers to use television as a medium to educate and instill positive mindsets among Filipino viewers.

In a speech at the Federation of International Cable TV and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines’ (FICTAP) 19th International Cable Congress and Exhibit, Robredo encouraged cable TV firms to reclaim television and transform it into a “window of truth, hope, and empathy”.

Robredo suggested that television be used to set new trends, influence policy-making, and amplify the voice of the weak and the powerless.

“Instead of harboring hate and anger, let us use television as a platform where ordinary voices can demand for greater transparency and accountability from the government, transform it into a space for effective dialogue and collaboration. Employ it as a vehicle for the promotion of peace, justice, human rights and equality,” Robredo said.

She also urged the companies to prioritize airing of programs that promote awareness and expand livelihood opportunities, especially in far-flung barrios that do not have access to the most basic of services.

“Let us promote programs that elevate public discourse and debate. Let us prioritize shows that encourage awareness in various fields, such as health education and livelihood,” Robredo said.

Recognizing the power of television to strengthen global consciousness, the Vice President reminded the companies to practice responsible information dissemination and effective communication.

FICTAP, a non-profit organization of cable television operators nationwide, aims to provide infotainment technology to the general public, particularly in the country’s remote areas. (PNA)

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