No ifs or buts: Marcos was mastermind behind Ninoy Aquino’s murder –Trillanes
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No ifs or buts: Marcos was mastermind behind Ninoy Aquino’s murder –Trillanes

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Who ordered the killing of Ninoy Aquino?

For former Senator Antonio Trillanes, the late President Ferdinand Marcos was the brains behind the assassination of former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino in 1983.

Aquino, a staunch opponent fo Marcos, was shot dead upon arrival in Manila airport from a three-year exile in the United States in August 21, 1983. His death sparked the 1986 EDSA People Power revolution that ousted the Marcos dictatorship.

In his latest YouTube video, Trillanes said Rolando Galman was just a fall guy as soldiers executed the assassination plot on orders of Marcos. Aquino was seen lying on the airport tarmac with another lifeless body later identified as Galman.

“It is clear to them it is an illegal order to kill a former senator in broad daylight. In short, si Marcos lamang bilang commander-in-chief ang nag-utos nito,” he said on “Trillanes Explains” episode two titled “Ang tunay na MASTERMIND sa PAGPATAY kay NINOY.”

He said the assassination of Aquino was “a well-planned and well-executed joint military operation.” Ginawa nang fall guy si Galman, pinatay pa ng mga sundalo,” he said.

He said Marcos, instead of finding the mastermind, tried many ways to “white-wash” the truth behind Aquino’s murder.

In 1990, the court eventually convicted several military personnel for Aquino’s death and sentenced them to life imprisonment. The convicts either died or released from prison.

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