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No justice for Ninoy even after two Aquino presidencies, Atienza says

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Buhay Party-list Rep. Lito Atienza is baffled by the unresolved case involving the assassination of former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. despite having two Aquino presidencies over the last three decades.

Atienza made the statement as the country commemorates the 36th year of Aquino’s assassination and the 48th year anniversary of the brutal Plaza Miranda bombing this coming August 21.

Atienza said up to this day, the murder of Aquino and the Plaza Mirada incident “remain the biggest unsolved crimes in our country’s history.”

Atienza, a survivor of the Plaza Miranda blast, doesn’t see the essence of commemorating the two events now since every year, people are just being reminded of the country’s ineffective justice system.

“We are only reminding ourselves each year of the inefficiency and ineffectivity of our criminal justice system,” said Atienza

“What is the message to our young? That every year we are reminded of the incompetence of government in bringing the perpetrators to justice? And that every year we remember those who were killed in the Plaza Miranda and Ninoy by rewarding ourselves with a holiday?” he added.

Atienza said despite having two Aquino presidents in the last 33 years, the perpetrators of the crimes remain free.

“Dalawang Aquino na ang naging pangulo ngunit hindi pa rin natin na-solve yung krimen,” said Atienza.

The former mayor Manila said it was Ninoy’s heroism that “inspired” him and thousands of Filipino youth to fight for democratic rights, yet justice haven’t been serve to the masterminds of his assassination.

“Hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin lumalabas kung sino ang talagang mastermind… bakulong lang ang mga kasabwat pero tila napalaya na rin sila,” he said.

“Until now the real masterminds of two of the biggest political murders in our history remains scot free. So what are we commemorating?”

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