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No need for EO banning vape use, importation, says Duterte: Meron ng law about nicotine!

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By Prince Golez

There was no need for an executive order on the use and importation of e-cigarettes, President Rodrigo Duterte said.

In a speech Friday, Duterte said there is a law against the use of nicotine.

“You know, nicotine is prohibited. You cannot use nicotine here. I will arrest you. There’s a law. It’s based on national law and pollution and everything. It’s deleterious to health. It’s a hazard to health,” according to the President.

He added, “Now, there’s a law regarding the use of nicotine. I do… I do not have to issue an executive order. Paka-bobo naman itong mga g*** na ito. Na meron ng law about nicotine. If you use vaping in public, there is nicotine. And so without the other chemical combustion there, you are already violating the law in vaping because it contains nicotine.”

Duterte also justified his order to confiscate vaping devices as he cited the Consumers’ Protection Act.

“Why am I ordering its confiscation? Because it is thrown to the consumers and under the Consumers’ Protection Act, if the thing that they — we are importing is prohibited by the place where it was made, then automatically it is also not good and it is should — should be by operation of common sense.

“If it is bawal sa Vermont, that’s in California, the protection — the Consumers’ Protection Law says that if a thing is not legal there, where it was made or manufactured, then it cannot be legal here,” he said.

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