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No report, no action: Twitter’s CEO won’t take down provocative tweets ASAP


Twitter’s top honcho has cited “limitations” as the reason why provocative tweets can’t be taken off the platform as soon as possible– even if they were made by famous personalities.

Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey told HuffPost that they will only act on a tweet once it has been reported.

“We’re not in a great state right now with our systems because they rely upon reporting. So we’re not going to take action unless it’s reported. And then we take action, adn we have a whole queue that we have to get through… there are limitations to how much we can do,” he said.

Dorsey gave a vague response when asked if United States President Donald Trump would be banned on Twitter if he urged his followers through a tweet to murder a journalist.

“That would be a violent threat. We’d definitely… You know we’re in constant communication with all governments around the world. So we’d certainly talk about it,” he said.

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