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There is no ‘I’ in Senate: Recto says lawmaking is a team not individual sport


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Sen. Ralph Recto is too much of a pragmatist to take all credit for shepherding a bill through the Senate that he makes sure every one who chipped in to the battle for enactment gets due credit.

‎”No law is made by one man alone, the more people join in the crafting, the better the law becomes,” said Recto who underscored the role of the Senate as a collective and deliberative body.

Recto said that getting majority support from 24 individuals in the Upper Chamber to pass a bill was a challenge which would require pragmatism and compromise.

“It is better to win a half-a-loaf of bread, than go home with an empty bread basket,” said Recto.

This is why while some senators prefer not to mention in their news releases the names of colleagues who had helped them pass laws, Recto makes it a point to profusely thank his seatmates who shared his advocacy.

In his statements , the minority leader even goes out of his way to cited the big boost from his colleagues.

In his move to amend the 2017 national budget to add P1 billion to the Department of Social Welfare and Development allocation for free daycare meals, Recto credited Sen. Grace Poe for being “brilliantly incessant in her questioning.”

Recto was tough in interpellating Sen. Loren Legarda on Duterte’s first budget proposal which lasted for hours which prompted reporters to call their exchange the “Ralph Loren Show. But Recto likened the verbal tennis exchange to “an exquisitely dress made local of local weave ” Legarda loves to wear.

In his campaign to increase the tax-exempt value of the balikbayan box, Recto also praised Sen. Sonny Angara’s “ excellent stewardship” of the bill.

For years now, he has been vigorously pushing for an increase in the teacher’s chalk allowance, but when such was finally authorized in the Senate version of the 2017 budget, he credited it to Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s “superior proposal.”

His compliments can sometimes be funny, like when he called Sen. Cynthia Villar as “the better Villar, the real financial whiz, from whom billionaire Manny meekly gets his weekly allowance.”

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