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No suspension: House only reprimands Bertiz over NAIA security abuse

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The House of Representatives on Wednesday formally reprimanded embattled ACTS-OFW Partylist Rep. Aniceto “John” III Bertiz over his misconduct at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport last September 29.

Voting 159-1 with three abstentions, the House plenary heeded to the motion filed by Minority Floor Leader Danilo Suarez (Quezon Province) to formally reprimand Bertiz in pursuant to Section 140 of the Rules of the House of Representatives.

Suarez said “any form of punishment greater than a reprimand such as a suspension is severe and inappropriate” against Bertiz.

“I respectfully move that the penalty to be imposed on him with regard to his offense should be reprimand.As far as I know, this is his first offense. He already admitted his mistake and has profusely apologized for his conduct. The punishment must commensurate the act. Hence, so moved that Cong Bertiz be reprimanded…” said Suarez.

Bertiz has drawn flak after a NAIA’s CCTV footage showing his alleged abuse of authority circulated online. The video showed Bertiz flouting airport security and confronting a personnel who asked him to remove his shoes during the security check.