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No to federalism! Majority of Pinoys oppose Cha-Cha- Pulse Asia

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Majority of Pinoys do not want the 1987 Constitution to be amended to enable a shift to a federal form of government, according to a survey released by Pulse Asia Monday (July 16).

Results of the poll conducted nationwide from June 15 to 21 showed 62 percent are opposed to federalism, down four points from the earlier survey conducted in March.

Of the number of Filipinos opposed to federalism, 34 percent are against changing the system of government at any point in time while 28 percent do not want the amendments to happen now but are open to it sometime in the future.

Only 28 percent of Filipinos support federalism while 10 percent are undecided.

President Rodrigo Duterte is pushing for Charter change (Cha-Cha) to pave the way for a federal form of government.

Aside from a strong opposition to federalism, the Pulse Asia survey also showed 67 percent of Filipinos oppose amending the 1987 Constitution.

Of this number, 37 percent oppose changing the Constitution at any point in time while 30 percent of those against it at present are open to the change sometime in the future.

By geographical area, the biggest number of respondents supportive of federalism came from Duterte’s bailiwick, Mindanao, at 51 percent.

Thirty-four percent back the move in the Visayas while only 23 percent support a move to a federal form of government in the National Capital Region.

Sixteen percent of respondents in Balance Luzon support federalism.