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Not a reliable ally? Alunan slams United States ‘split personality’

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The United States should behave as one and start being a reliable ally of the Philippines before the country may consider buying weapons from them, former Interior and Local Government Secretary Rafael Alunan III said in a Facebook post.

Alunan, who lost his senatorial bid in the recent midterm elections, said the United States has a “split personality” when it comes to selling weapons to the country.

“Buying American defense weapons and systems is no problem. The problem is the USA itself. A segment wants to provide us access, another is preventing us. Split personality,” he said.

“Until they sort things out, behave as one, and start being a reliable ally, we’ll buy what we need elsewhere for our defense as a matter of constitutional duty and in the national interest,” he said.

He said the US should gripe about Manila from buying from other suppliers, adding the country gets ease of access that it doesn’t get from Washington.


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