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The Senate defense committee will have to study first the idea of inviting Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison to its next hearing on alleged red-tagging.

Defense committee chairman Panfilo Lacson said Wednesday Sison is outside the jurisdiction of the Philippines, and his testimony may not quite hold weight.

“We will have to look into it first since he is out of the Philippines’ jurisdiction and his testimony may not have any probative value even in a legislative inquiry,” he said.

Lacson also noted that in Tuesday’s hearing, red-tagging originally came from Sison, based on a 1987 video shown by the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency.

In the video, Sison made a “roll call” of organizations allied with him.

“So ang original red-tagger is Joma Sison himself,” Lacson noted.

On the other hand, Lacson said the military has denied red tagging, and presented some rebel returnees who gave their personal accounts, who he said “sounded very credible to me at least as chairman because I was there.”

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