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Now na! Colmenares calls for P750 wage hike for workers

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After a paltry P25-wage hike approved by the wage board, Former Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares is pushing for a higher increase in the minimum wage of private workers in Metro Manila.

Colmenares, who is running for senator in the 2019 elections, believes that employers could afford P750 minimum wage rate considering their huge revenues in the past few years.

“A P238 wage hike now to have the national minimum wage at P750 is feasible considering that firms in NCR with 20 or more workers have a combined profits of P903 billion in 2015 giving an average of P530 daily minimum wage as stated by IBON Foundt’n. #P750NationalMinimumWageNowNa,” he tweeted.

“Based on this, raising the NCR minimum wage to P750 and ensuring that workers get this will cost just P132 billion which is just 14.6% of their profits. #P750NationalMinimumWageNowNa,” he added.