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Nowhere is safe: Ateneo de Manila probes alleged rape incident on campus


The administration of Ateneo de Manila University has launched an investigation into the alleged rape of a student inside the campus.

Dr. Mira Ofreneo, head of the ADMU Loyola Schools Sexual Misconduct Task Force, said in a statement Sunday (November 25) that it is taking the anonymous report posted on the Facebook page ADMU Freedom Wall seriously.

“If the report is confirmed, we will bear down on the perpetrators with the full force of the law,” she said, adding that the ADMU administration is “shocked and outraged” at the alleged rape of a student inside the campus.

ADMU Freedom Wall is a Facebook page where Ateneans can send their confessions and statements anonymously. On Saturday (November 24), the page posted an anecdote from a female netizen.

“I can’t take it anymore. I have to say it.
I got raped in 5th floor CTC bathroom. By two muscular guys. I’m a girl,” the confession began.

“I don’t know their names and I don’t know what they look like because it happened so fast. They covered my head with a towel and punched me in the stomach telling me that if I screamed they’d hit me more. They dragged my into the male bathroom and they fucked me. They removed the towel and blindfolded me so they could use my mouth,” the female netizen said.

The person who sent in the confession said she only knew one of her attackers had a beard because she felt it when he kissed her. She asked for help because she doesn’t feel safe inside ADMU anymore.

Ofreneo urged the student to get in touch with her or other school authorities regarding the incident. She said security within the campus has been reinforced in light of the alleged rape incident.