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Noynoy’s ex-spokesperson downplays sickness: May trangkaso lang siya!

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One of former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s spokespersons said Wednesday (August 21) that he was down with flu after his sister Kris shared that he “is not okay.”

Abi Valte took to Twitter to update the public on Noynoy’s health after Kris expressed concern over her brother’s health during the commemoration of their father, former senator Benigno Aquino Jr.’s 36th death anniversary Wednesday (August 21).

“Hey folks. Got a lot of questions today about PNoy. Was able to talk to him this afternoon. He thanks everyone for the concern. He was unable to attend today’s commemoration as he is down with the flu. He is recovering at home. It’s nothing serious, as he said,” Valte tweeted.

Noynoy skipped the commemoration of his father’s death anniversary. Kris said he was at home in Quezon City.

“He’s not okay,” Kris said of her brother. “I’m not at liberty to say what’s wrong with him because it’s up to him.”

The 59-year-old Noynoy was a known chain smoker. He was rarely seen in public after his term ended in 2016.

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