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Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya Mayor Aurelio Salunat has denied badmouthing a motorist he encountered while passing through a one-way bridge in the town recently but insisted he deserved to pass first because he arrived ahead of the other party.

Salunat has been drawing flak because of the post made by a certain Justin Bangad on Facebook claiming the mayor cursed at him when he refused to give way to the former at the narrow bridge.

“Two vehicles, a brand new pick-up truck going to Quezon and an old van going to Solano (town of Nueva Viscaya), ‘FACED’ each other, standing off, drivers tensed, on the very narrow entrance of the bridge,” Bangad said in his post, which showed a photo of Salunat’s vehicle.

“One look on (sic) the scene would tell anybody that if the pick-up would just back out a few meters, the van, nearer to the road, and every vehicle following can easily pass,” he said.

“He was defiant and rudely pointed to the van driver and yelled, ‘Eh, p—– i–, kanina ko pa sinenyasan, tumuloy pa rin eh!” he said, quoting the mayor.

Bangad said he backed off when Salunat shouted at him: “P—– i–, ako ang mayor dito!”

But contrary to Bangad’s, Salunat said he reached the bridge first but the motorist’s vehicle didn’t stop and even drove faster upon seeing his car.

Of his insistence to pass first, the mayor said: “They must know road courtesy because I came first.”