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Nur Misuari backs Duterte’s war vs drugs: Pushers taking over Mindanao


Aside from finally agreeing to re-enter into a peace negotiation with the government, Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founding chairman Nur Misuari on Thursday also expressed support on President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs.

In a speech at the Malacañang, Misuari said the magnitude of the war problem is apparent not only in Metro Manila but even in the provinces in Mindanao.

“They (illegal drugs) are destroying our children, our youths. Who will succeed us after this, when our citizens are already destroyed by these drugs? To us, I’ve always been saying that drug is a restless creeping threat to humanity,” Misuari said.

“International organization is spreading billions and billions and produce no result at all. This is biggest, one of the biggest source of crimes to humanity, these drugs,” he added.

Misuari said that aside from Duterte’s commitment to bring genuine peace in Mindanao, the latter’s strong stance against drugs also moved him to pledge support on the latter’s presidency.

Misuari recounted that one of his subordinates in Jolo, Sulu has been reporting to him about the creeping drug problem in Mindanao.

“One of my commanders has written me a report saying, ‘Hadji, addressing me. Everytime I finish my prayers in the morning, I go to the balcony of my humble house, overlooking the highway, in Jolo. Everytime I see people, young people, in the prime of their life, walking like insane people’. I say what’s the cause? Drugs,” Misuari recounted.

On Thursday, Misuari confirmed that he already accepted Duterte’s invitation for a peace negotiation with the government.

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