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The camp of Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno said haters or witnesses who have an axe to grind against her should be removed from the impeachment proceedings .

“Bias of a witness is a relevant factor in hearing testimonial evidence,” said one of her spokespersons, abogado Jojo Lacanilao, in a statement on Wednesday (November 29).

“A witness can be impeached by showing that he has a reason to misrepresent facts because he is biased in favor of a party, prejudiced against a party, or has an interest in the outcome,” he explained without naming any person in particular.

Lanilao issued the statement while SC Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro appeared and testified during Wednesday’s impeachment hearing at the House of Representatives.

It is widely known that De Castro and Sereno have locked horns before at the SC over a number of issues.

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