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By Nancy Carvajal

The office of the Ombudsman has found sufficient grounds to indict 86 Immigration employees including 10 ranking officials and ordered their immediate suspension for their alleged links to the Pastillas syndicate, official documents showed.

However, Marc Red Marinas former senior official of the Bureau of Immigration and alleged mastermind of the Pastilllas group, has been excluded from the order as he is no longer conected with the agency.

“There is sufficient ground to preventively suspend All of the respondents considering that there is a strong evidence showing their guilt” the 17 page order signed by Ombudsman Samuel Martires said.

Martires ordered six months suspension of the immigration officers without pay.

The same order also said that the earlier suspension meted by Ombudsman against 44 immigration officers linked to the same case, is sufficient.
The Ombudsman also stated that the respondents’ administrative infractions are duly supported not only by convincing testimonies but also by official records and documents.

The Pastillas gang of Immigration emloyees supposedly rendered seamless immigration services for a fee, particularly to Chinese nationals by alowing them to enter the country without passing through the regular immigration process upon their arrival at the Ninoy Aquino Internationa Airport.

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