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Ombudsman suspends 27 BuCor execs over GCTA mess: Mukhang may bayaran!

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Ombudsman Samuel Martires has ordered 27 officials of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) to be suspended without pay for six months over the alleged anomalies involving the early release of heinous crimes convicts under the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) Law.

In a six-page order dated September 9, Martires said the testimonies of witnesses and public documents in connection with the alleged anomalous release of prisoners “appear to be strong.”

Most of the respondents were posted at the New Bilibid Prison’s (NBP) Maximum Security Compound.

“[R]espondents’ continued stay in office may prejudice the cases filed against them. Noteworthy, respondents presently have custody and control over the documents pertaining to the questionable release of the convicted prisoners,” Martires said.

The 27 BuCor officials are facing charges of grave misconduct, gross neglect of duty and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of service for their role in facilitating the convicts’ early release.

Among those covered by the suspension order were BuCor Documents and Record Section chief Ramoncito Roque, and Corrections Senior Insp Ma. Belinda Bansil.

They were among the officials tagged by a witness at a Senate hearing in the so called “GCTA for sale” modus.

The Ombudsman is conducting its own investigation into the alleged anomalies regarding the GCTA Law.

The BuCor has released some 1,914 convicts of heinous crimes since 2014 because of the GCTA Law, which allows prisoners a chance to be released early if they show good behavior.

The controversy has led President Rodrigo Duterte to fire BuCor Director General Nicanor Faeldon.

The other BuCor officials ordered suspended by Martires are:

0. Benjamin Barrios, Supervisor, Board of Discipline, Maximum Security Camp
0. Gerardo Padilla, Chief, NBP Superintendent
0. Francisco Abunales, NBP, Superintendent
0. Celso Bravo, Officer-in-Charge, Directorate for Security and Operations
0. Melencio Faustino, Regional Superintendent, Davao Prison and Penal Farm
0. Cherry Caliston, Chief, Documents Division, Davao Prison and Penal Farm
0. Ruelito Pulmano, Inmate Documents and Processing Section
0. Emerita Aguilar, Chief, Reformation and Rehabilitation Office
0. Raymund Peneyra, Chief Overseer, Maximum Security Compound
0. Jomar Coria, NBP South Reformation Coordinator for Education and Training, Maximum Security Compound
0. Roy Vivo, COG, Maximum Security Compound
0. Wilfredo Bayona, Deputy Superintendent, NBP South Maximum Security Compound
0. John Edward Basi, Assistant Chief, Reformation and Rehabilitation Office, Maximum Security Compound, NBP
0. Abel Dr. Ciruela, Commander of the Guard -Management, Screening and Evaluation Committee, Maximum Security Compound
0. Roger Boncales, Directorate for Security and Operations -NBP North
0. Eduardo Cabuhat, OIC Training and Education Office
0. Dr. Lourdes Razon, Medical and Dental Office
0. Mary Lou Arbatin, Chief, Behavior Mod. Office
0. Susana Ortega, OIC, Prison Industry Office, Maximum Security Compound
0. Anthony Omega, OIC, Sports and Recreation Office, Maximum Security Compound
0. Antonio Calumpit, OIC, Overseer, Maximum Security Compound
0. Roberto Rabo, Superintendent, NBP
0. Jones Lanuza, Deputy Superintendent for Reformation, NBP
0. Victor de Monteverde, Chief, Alternative Learning System, Maximum Security Compound and
0. Veronica Buño, Custodial Officer, NBP

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