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Only president who didn’t fear ABS-CBN: Duterte tells Lopezes: Ipagbili n’yo na yan!

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President Rodrigo Duterte is proud of doing something no president in the pos-EDSA People Power years has done: stand up to ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.

“Walang presidente ang gumalaw niyan e. Takot. Takot sa pera, takot sa ABS,” said Duterte in a speech on December 30.

With its dominant position in the media industry for decades, it has been considered a virtual “kingmaker” during elections, politikos have avoided butting heads with ABS-CBN except for Duterte who has been vocal about his enmity for the TV station and its owners.

A few weeks after declaring he would make sure ABS-CBN’s franchise would not be renewed after its epxiration on March 2020, Duterte went a step further in pressuring the media giant by advising its owners, the Lopez family, to sell out.

“Itong ABS, mag-expire ang contract ninyo, mag-renew kayo, ewan ko lang kung mangyari. Ako pa sa’yo, pagbili na ninyo ‘yan,” said Duterte.

“Kasi ang Pilipino, ngayon lang makaganti sa inyong kalokohan. And I will make sure that you will remember this episode of our times forever,” he added.

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