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Only rich people are offended by my behaviour, so I don’t mix with them – Duterte


President Rodrigo Duterte does not see any reason to apologize for his boorish behaviour because only rich people were offended and the millions of his voters do not mind his cursing or rape jokes.

“Our paradigm seems to be far different from the cultured ones in the — especially the four hundred of society, the elite. I do not — they are not my enemies but I do not like — I do not mix with rich people. And they are the ones who are almost offended by my behavior,” said Duterte in a speech in Israel.

Duterte blames his rough personality to his childhood years growing up in a far flung province in Mindanao.

“I was just a small town mayor. And I was never able to separate my personality because I am not a split personality. I never transform into something like a town mayor and being president,” said Duterte.

The 72-year old does not see any reason why he should change or adapt now that he was the most powerful Filipino.

“And so I have a bad mouth. I curse, I throw epithets a lot when I’m angry. They say that, ‘You know this Duterte is not a statesman. He should not be going to anywhere, he will put us to shame. He talks like a gangster and he curses everybody’. Correct. Because I never studied to be a statesman, there’s no course of a statesman. I studied law. I grew up in a place where there’s just a lot of trouble, until now,” he added.