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Roy C. Mabasa: Thou shalt not covet


THEY say behind every successful man there stands a woman. Well, the same holds true when it comes to their downfall. Take the case of the Holy Bible’s Adam and Samson.

Now, there is this flamboyant lawyer who currently occupies a very high position in the government who we fear is bound to suffer the same fate as those that befell the two biblical characters mentioned.

We may be speaking too soon but all signs point to the direction where a grim future awaits him for violating Articles 6 and 10 of the Ten Commandments: Thou shall not commit adultery and thou shall not covet.

And the price he has to pay for carrying out these wretched sins? Its either losing his job or his life.

You see it turns out that the lovely lady he screwed around with used to be one of the true loves of his patron, ostensible”tatay” to him and his comrades who are members of the “family.”

We just cannot imagine what will happen once “tatay” discovers that a member of his own “family” had a passionate relationship with the woman he once fell madly in love with.

One possible scenario is that tatay would simply concoct the most feeble reason to get rid of him.

But then again, it will not be hard for our Lothario to find another lucrative job because he has the aptitude and demeanor in the first place. As they characteristically say: “Artistahin ang dating niya.”

The worst thing that could happen to him is being formally put to death by henchmen hired by the husband of the foxy lady whom he cavorted with–a swell guy from the South who is not that easy to please.

Clue: His name sounds like a winner.

Pag naghalo ang balat sa tinalupan, any one of these things could actually transpire anytime soon, so be vigilant.

+ + +

THE previous week, members of the diplomatic press corps were astonished to discover media releases sent to their emails by the Public Information Office of the Taguig City government.

They would not have been leery if the said press releases dealt with current affairs of the city. What made them really incredelous was the fact that the dispatches were about subjects concerning the Department of Foreign Affairs and that these were dispensed under the Taguig LGU’s logo.

In fact, there were even instances that news and information about the DFA were issued way in advance by the Taguig local government than those copies emanating from the DFA’s Office of Public Diplomacy (formerly Public Information Services Unit).

How did this happen? Well, the explanation made by a DFA official was that Taguig has been authorized to “disseminate to a wider audience” all foreign affairs-related news.

But then again if this is the real intention, the DFA could simply ask both the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and the Philippines News Agency (PNA) to upload and carry all DFA stories in their respective websites which are indisputably have much bigger scope than that of Taguig.

Now could it be because the Taguig City mayor is the wife of the foreign affairs chief?

Or simply perhaps because the PR man of the Cayetano couple is reportedly one and the same!

Indeed, this is a wily move because utilizing one PR man could save them a lot of money for their future political plans.

But another question begs for an answer: is it also true that the same PR man also doubles as information agent of the Chinese Embassy in Manila?

+ + +

SO you want to be tickled pink? Okay, here’s a real quickie to titillate your senses.

Just recently, I caught a glimpse of the familiar face of a charming diplomat whom I have not seen for nearly half a decade. She has apparently harked back to the home office after a prolonged high-level foreign assignment.

My accidentally seeing this bewitching lady walking in the lobby of the Department of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Pasay City revived thoughts of the past particularly her sensuous liaison with her colleague, we fondly call here as Ambassador “Boyoyoy,” while they were both posted abroad.

Indeed theirs was a whirlwind affair—reckless, tempestuous, fleeting.

You see, the lovebirds had to “cut and cut cleanly” their furtive romance evidently because Ambassador Boyoyoy is espoused with their own little bambinos.

Thus, their relations has to be consummated to avoid disrespute.

Now, their love story may have ended prematurely but their relationship will live on every time I hear Alicia Key’s ‘Empire State of Mind’ and Matt Monro’s “From Russia with Love.”