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Fe Zamora: Is Bong Go the cause of grumbling in police and military?


I heard this story from three alumni of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) early this month.

The story goes that at a recent meeting of the PMA Alumni Association Inc. (PMAAAI) to plan the activities for the annual homecoming, the president of one of the host classes “nominated” Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV as “Guest of Honor and speaker” for the alumni convention in January and the annual homecoming in February, respectively.

The younger classes apparently liked the idea, but the “oldies” would have none of it. The house was divided between pros and antis. To settle the issue, a straw vote was called, according to one account.

Who won? “Why don’t you ask the other alumni?” one of the “storytellers” told me. I asked and the reply I got was: “Only the Board of Directors can answer that question.”

So I texted PMAAAI chair Lt. Gen (Ret.) Jaime de los Santos if the Magdalo boys were chosen homecoming guests. His reply: “All PMAyers can attend all alumni activities. The Board has not decided on the GoH and speaker.”

What about the straw vote? I pressed on. Did that take place? “No info,” he replied. “The young will not risk their careers and financial security.”

Two days later, I was arranging an interview with a PMA alumnus for a new publication. I remembered the “homecoming guests” issue, so I asked if he had heard about it.

I was floored by his reply. “Somebody kasi is meddling with the AFP/PNP appointments and promotions,” he revealed. “It depends kay BG. BG BG BG, you know. BG favors officers who are from Davao, who were assigned in Davao. Lalo na yong mga ka basketball n’ya sa Davao. What happened was that some officers who were not from Davao or Mindanao and those who were never assigned there felt they had no chance at all (for promotion and appointment to key positions). They are assessing their careers and, this is my opinion lang naman, these officers see in Senator Trillanes and Congressman Alejano examples of what PMAyers can be outside the military.”

But who is this BG? I was thinking of a Brigadier General.

He replied. “Di mo alam? BG is Bong Go!”