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Reli L. German: From Crying Lady to Crying Baldy, the question is — SINO?


This, essentially, is the same intriguing question begging for answers that could shed light on the identity of persons behind past and recent killings that have troubled the minds of people.

One of these killings, indisputably the most heinous in our contemporary history, happened on August 21, 1983 with then Senator Ninoy Aquino as victim. As everyone knows, Ninoy was shot as he was going down the stairs of a China Airlines flight that took him back to the Philippines from three years of self-exile in the United States.

The Crying Lady was Rebecca Quijano, a co-passenger of Ninoy on that fateful day. She claimed to have seen from a plane window how one of the military escorts of Ninoy shot him from behind. But while Rebecca had testified in court about what she witnessed, the one impenetrable mystery that has defied solution to this day is: Sino ang nag-utos na itumba si Ninoy?

With all the powers at their disposal, even the late Cory Aquino and her son Pinoy, who both became President, failed – or refused – to use the formidable powers of their office to put the question to rest.

Kaya hanggang ngayon, iyan pa rin ang hiwagang nagsisilbing tinik sa isipan ng ating mga kababayan – SINO?

As to the Crying Baldy, obvious ba that he’s none other than PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa? He twice shed tears as he defended his men from charges of police brutality, and even murder, during Senate hearings on the administration’s anti drug war. So, is the PNP chief trying to show that he is no Pusong BATO?

There have been numerous deaths that marked the conduct of the PNP drive against illegal drugs. But three recent killings have pricked the conscience of a public that seems to be already desensitized by daily reports of supposed drug pushers and addicts being slain during police operations.

The victims, all still in their teens, suffered brutal deaths. They were Kian delos Santos, 17; Carl Angelo Arnaiz, 19; and Reynaldo “Kulot” de Guzman, 14. The first two were killed by policemen who claimed both were “nanlaban.” — the same old worn-out script used by the PNP for ages to justify the “shootouts”..

However, witnesses and CCTV footage showed delos Santos being dragged by policemen and was later shot dead even as he pleaded that he had a scheduled exam the next day.

Arnaiz and Kulot were together on the evening of August 17 when they went missing. The former was found 10 days later with five gunshot wounds and signs of torture. Police said he was shot after reportedly holding up a taxi driver. Particularly revolting is the case of de Guzman who was found Sept. 5 in a creek in Gapan, Nueva Ecija, his body tattooed with 26 to 30 stab wounds, his head wrapped in packing tape.

Kulot’s killers must have derived devilish delight as his frail body twitched with every thrust of the blade. Utterly devoid of conscience, they have descended to the level of savage beasts. Hindi na tao. Ironically, both Arnaiz and de Guzman were said to have dreamed of becoming policemen someday.

In the case of delos Santos and Arnaiz at least, the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO)) claims it has strong evidence to pin down the policemen who are said to be the killers. Kaya mukhang malinaw na kung SINO ang mga dapat managot.

Last Friday however, President Duterte said there is a group sabotaging his anti- illegal drugs campaign, presumably intended to turn public opinion against the administration. Considering the billions involved in this illicit trade, the President’s suspicion, wild as it may sound, deserves the benefit of the “daw”. Pero kung may mga kayang gamitin ang ilang mga kapulisan para magsabotahe sa kampanya kontra droga, ang tanong na naman ay — SINO?